Financial Growth in Islamic Economy


  • Syed Mohammad Farrukh


A major proof viewed by the Islamic universe today is the proof of re-making and reorganizing the economy in such a way seen as similar to the motivation of Sharia’h work. Money-related new development is one of the topics that in a general sense is termed as a science that offers a technique to show the science of monetary angles. Nevertheless, the standard technique, which has been assembled, is being considered for dissatisfaction in dealing with the issues of the Ummah, for example, despair, backwardness in human resources (HR), and achievement in proper position and life, and even a matter of natural change. Sadly, those conditions are found overwhelmingly in the Muslim world, where they have essentially manifested and represented in Muslim life. Moreover, it seems that the uniqueness of the Muslim world has been challenging, that is, it is typically rich in assets but still weak and poor. As for the path, in Muslim society, there is an ignorance of the achievements of motivation. Thus, there is no possible norm to find the emergence of different methodologies within the Islamic structure, surprisingly in the area of ​​money related to unforeseen development.



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