Globalization and its impact on Pakistan’s Muslim Society


  • Hafiz Waqas Khan



According to Islamic thoughts, Islam has brought up the matter of globalization, the establishment of global society and global government which is accepted all over the world without any discrimination of religion and civilization. Therefore, it is said that globalization is neither good nor bad despite the whole counter agreements. It either can or cannot be desirable, but the characteristics of globalization are different from the current feature of the Islamic perspective. In the current scenario, globalization is a powerful manifestation of Western civilization supremacy. In Pakistan, we are facing complex global challenges in the family system. Islam promotes family values, which are the necessary for family bonding. Whenever the cohesive bond gets weak, society begins to tumble. We are living in a fast-pacing, hectic community, where the protection of Islamic values in Pakistani society is a challenging task. This study will provide a balance solution regarding globalization for Pakistani Muslim society. The study will suggest the legal and ethical mechanism that needs to be developed in the Pakistani Muslim Society for protecting against globalization. This study is only limited to Pakistani Muslim society.




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, H. W. K. (2018). Globalization and its impact on Pakistan’s Muslim Society. Islamic Sciences, 1(1), 36–49.