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Coronavirus, Challenges, Solutions, Islamic Perspective


People infected with the corona virus in Pakistan is increasing day by day. Although the government has taken timely precautions and security measures, the death toll from the virus is much lower than in other countries, but the reality is that the lockdown that has been going on for weeks in most parts of the country The economy has been hit hard. Due to the closure of various industries and restrictions on transportation, about 19 million people have lost their jobs, 70% of whom are from Punjab province. Among those most affected by the lockdown restrictions are employees of small and medium-sized enterprises, businesses and companies (SMEs) and hard-working daily wage earners. The government has allocated Rs. 144 billion under the Ehsas Emergency Cash Program to provide financial assistance to the unemployed. However, this is not a permanent solution to the problem. The government's first priority should be to stabilize the economy in the light of various economic indicators. The truth is that due to the abundance of problems, scarcity of resources and extreme poverty, a country of 220 million people cannot afford a long lockdown. The purpose of this article is to how to deal with these disturbing situations with a believing character and a positive attitude.


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