قرآن اور تحقیق: ایک تجزیاتی مطالعہ


  • Dr. Bushra
  • Tahira Akber Bizenjo Jinnah University for Women




Islam, fact, investigation, importance, science, research


If we ponder over the Holy Quran, we find many incidents which are regularly giving us the message that the process of research or access to fact is very old and has been going on with human history. Allah Almighty has instilled this attribute not only in the nature of man, but this way of thinking and seeking the truth has also been given to the angles as well. At the time of Adam’s creation, the angles’ question to God about his creation was to acquaint themselves with his reality and to know the purpose of his creation and wanted to reveal the wisdom that was hidden in the creation of Adam. Similarly, the most prominent example of research in Islam is the Holy Quran, the greatest masterpiece of the literary world. Research is mentioned in the Holy Quran in a specific way which leads us to know the truth and wisdom of the things and urges us to investigate the matter when any news reaches us. This kind of research was done by the angles of Allah and also by prophets. This paper is a review of Quranic message of research.    


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